Jeffrey Yamaguchi is a writer, poet, and photographer exploring and experimenting in the field of book publishing.

Always working to be working on projects, so that there’s less a sense of work, and more an emanation and energy of creativity and art. Lately I’ve been connecting strands of collage, poetry, long-form writing, video, and photography to push further in those areas, separately and collectively. Below are some of the latest projects.

A Found Poem from a Never Returned Book” — a collage published in Nightingale & Sparrow, the “Poetry” issue (#14), August 2022.
Night Flowers” (photograph) published in issue 13 of Feral.
Tree of My Youth” (collage) published in issue 28 of Anti-Heroin Chic.

An exploration of water:

My YA novella: Anya Chases Down the End — Younger in reverse meets After Hours. The cover features original art by Mali Fischer.
Always Find the Sea — a crashing wave collection of sea poems and photographs.
52 Projects — Discover the art of your life and inspire your next creative endeavor. The cover features original art by Maggie Umber.

An exploration of disquiet.