Student testimonials from Mediabistro course evaluations.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

“I highly recommend Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and any class Jeffrey Yamaguchi is teaching! Jeff is one of the most thoughtful and effective professors I’ve ever had. It’s clear that he genuinely wants his students to come away with actionable knowledge. At the end of this class I feel excited to put to use the great ideas Jeff gave us and inspired us to develop. The course content was relevant and engaging, substantial without being overwhelming. This was my first online class and I’ll admit that I was skeptical of the quality that an online class could provide. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the Mediabisto class site and with how great the instructor and course material was. I couldn’t have been happier with this course.”

“Jeffrey Yamaguchi does a great job of laying out the basics of digital marketing, from the various types of media channels to the best ways to utilize those channels and analyze your level of engagement. He covers a fair amount of ground, but he is thorough and the pacing is slow enough to ensure you really understand each component. He clearly spends a good amount of time reviewing assignments from students, and offers very useful and encouraging feedback. I would strongly recommend him, especially if you are relatively new to digital marketing.”

“Jeffrey Yamaguchi is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic digital marketer who inspires his class to learn and improve their skills. He is well spoken, his course material is practical and inspiring and he has very constructive feedback to student work assignments.”

“Jeff is a great instructor! Engaging, clear, easy to follow, responsive, friendly. You can tell that he put in the time and that he cares about the content. Highly recommended.”

“I enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend to others. I hope to have Jeffrey Yamaguchi again for another class. He is responsive and always had great feedback on our assignments.”

Social Media Marketing

“Jeffrey is one of the most engaged instructors I’ve had at MB. His enthusiasm encourages us to do more and learn more. And you can tell he has a good handle on the bigger picture of social media marketing. And he’s always learning something new and then sharing with us during his posts during the week. I really appreciate his coaching and insights.”

“Jeff Yamaguchi exhibited skill, background and experience in social media marketing which makes him a great choice to teach this topic. His delivery is lively, enthusiastic and on point. He provided immediate feedback on every assignment and freely shared real-world examples of social media marketing, links from diverse marketing campaigns and other information related to the class. Bravo! Well done.”