“Upvoting” Anya Chases Down the End at Reedsy

Got a very solid review from Kourtney Bradley for my novella Anya Chases Down the End over at Reedsy. This was a really fun project to work on — the writing of it, getting the cover designed (original art by Mali Fischer), and just overall working through the self-publishing process. You learn so much about writing and books when you move through that experience. This novella is about a young person chasing after her dreams — in publishing, no less — and that chase gets a little crazy after she loses track of a coveted manuscript. Off she has to race into the New York City night to track it down. This is a fun, short read – take a look, and while you’re at it, give it an upvote! Thank you!

Lying on the Grass of a Sloping Hill

We spent the whole day
lying on the grass of a sloping hill
imagining whole cities we could
pick up and move away
at will so there would be
crowded sidewalk cafes open all night
and dancing shadows seen in
candlelit windows high above
bustling, honking, lit-up streets
but also nothing at all
no one around, no coming and going
nowhere to be
except on an expanse of rolling fields
where we could bask in the heat
of a lingering sun
and drift off to dreams of us
lying on the grass of a sloping hill

Last Day to Get the 52 Projects Ebook For Free

Great to see so many people download 52 Projects! The ebook got into the top 100 in the Kindle (Free) ebook store. Today (Saturday, August 21, 2021) is the last day to get the ebook for free, so make sure to download now.

And if you’re one of the thousands of people who already got the ebook, and you like the inspirational read, please be sure to rate and review on Amazon and Goodreads, or wherever you post your reviews. Those reviews really help get the word out about the book. Thank you!

Lots of history with this project, but the creative message remains the same: The idea of 52 Projects isn’t necessarily for you to do exactly these projects. Following something to the letter is never that much fun. The main intention is for you to do projects. Hopefully these projects will give you a starting off point, or maybe the spark that ignites the idea, perhaps a reminder of the thing that you’ve been wanting to do.

Get the 52 Projects Ebook For Free

For a very limited time (through 8/21/21), you can download a free ebook of 52 Projects – Random Acts of Everyday Creativity in the Amazon Kindle Store.

52 Projects is an eclectic collection of offbeat, exploratory, artistic projects that will trigger your imagination, invigorate your creativity, and help you to discover or rediscover your muses. The personal exploration of project-making that it fosters will inspire you to dream up, set to work on, and complete projects that are all your own. Beyond a camera, phone, pen, and paper, the only other materials required are intangible: memory, creative energy, and imagination. Skill level and age are irrelevant, and the cost of making the projects ranges from very inexpensive to nothing at all. The complexity of the projects is determined by how far you want to take them. The projects can take an hour or a lifetime.

If you’re at all curious, I encourage you to take advantage of the free offer and and give it a read — It’s an inspirational book and it will get you moving on your next creative endeavor.