Slowly Each Step Until It’s Time to Fall

Thinking back to how it was done before
never mind last year
or the one before that
this time when the moment comes
to think about what happens next
like calculating an exact amount of rain
from a storm in the distance
followed by a generous heaping
of sunlight without any clouds
you will stir from underneath the shelter of
the old tree in the backyard of your youth
and catch the season’s final falling leaf

Lying on the Grass of a Sloping Hill

We spent the whole day
lying on the grass of a sloping hill
imagining whole cities we could
pick up and move away
at will so there would be
crowded sidewalk cafes open all night
and dancing shadows seen in
candlelit windows high above
bustling, honking, lit-up streets
but also nothing at all
no one around, no coming and going
nowhere to be
except on an expanse of rolling fields
where we could bask in the heat
of a lingering sun
and drift off to dreams of us
lying on the grass of a sloping hill

On the Road, to the Clouds

On the road, to the clouds.

This is my day 1 @rollfilmweek photo, a black & white #holga photograph for the theme of “monochrome Monday.” I’m posting at my Instagram account: @hiddenexhibit.

Excited to be participating in #rollfilmweek – such a wonderful community of film photography enthusiasts coming together to share and celebrate photos over the course of five days. Join the fun by posting #filmphotography to Instagram 8/23-8/27. Make sure to tag your photos #rollfilmweek.