NYATN #TalkTraffic Video Series

NY Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN) sheds light on the problem of trafficking in persons, with the goal of ending and preventing trafficking, and providing survivors with the help they need to reclaim their lives and their voices. The organization leverages its collective expertise as lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates to change law and policy on trafficking. NYATN has provided direct legal and social services to several thousand survivors of human trafficking since 2002.

This series of ten videos provides essential insights into understanding the large-scale issue of trafficking in persons: what it looks like; why human rights are important; the kinds of help survivors usually need; the solutions to end trafficking; and what you can do directly to help.

The featured experts — lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates — take on trafficking from different disciplines, and offer up a variety of insights on ways to engage and solve this urgent and important human rights issue.

Video list:
NY Anti-Trafficking Network (NYATN): Working to End Trafficking & Support Survivors
What Is Trafficking?
Human Rights Approach
Survivors Sharing Their Voices
Social Services
Legal Services
What You Can Do
Why Decriminalize Sex Work?
What Should You Do If You See Someone You Think May Be Trafficked?

Production Credits: Producers: Juhu Thukral and Jeffrey Yamaguchi. Video Production/Filming/Editing: Jordan Timpy and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals. Music: Broke For Free.