Always Find the Sea

A Crashing Wave Collection of Ocean Poems and Photographs

In the air, a hint
cooler, salty, deeper breaths
always find the sea

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The call of the sea is poetry in and of itself. It’s no wonder that the endless beauty and darkest depths of the ocean’s waters have inspired some of the most beautiful poems ever written. And there is no end in sight: From delving into the mysteries of love to explorations of our spiritual journeys, the new ways of capturing the essence of our lives through poems of the sea will forever continue to crash upon our metaphorical shores.

This is an invitation to embrace the wonders of the literary sea, and to be inspired to write and share your own poems. To take in the salty air, listen to the crashing waves, gaze into the endless blue waters, dive deep into the murky depths. Breathe. Listen. Be.

In this book you will find original poems and photos, as well as a curated collection of sea-inspired poetry from the most celebrated and influential imagist poets of the early 20th century.

The poets featured include: Lola Ridge, Emily Dickinson, Carl Sandburg, Michael Strange, William Carlos Williams, Sara Teasdale, Jeanne D’Orge, Emily Pauline Johnson, John Gould Fletcher, Yone Noguchi, H.D., Babette Deutsch, Nathaniel Hawthorne, D. H. Lawrence, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Claude McKay.

This collection inspires us to remember — no matter how land-locked we might be — to always find the sea.

Category: Poetry Collection
Publication Date: April 2021