Night Flowers” — Photograph published in Feral (Issue 13, July 2022).
The Tree of My Youth” — Photo collage published by Anti-Heroin Chic (Issue 28, August 2022).
Late Night Meal in the Dreamscape” — Photograph (and poem) published in Vamp Cat Magazine (“Dream a Little Dream of Me” Issue, February 2020).
Under the Pillow” — Photograph (and poem) published in Vamp Cat Magazine (“Romance & New Beginnings” Issue, February 2019.
Decay Is Inevitable Under a Bright Blue Sky” — Cover image for Honey & Lime (Issue Six, January 2020).
Honey & Lime cover image (Issue Six, January 2020).
Winter Night’s Traverse” — Photograph published in Black Bough Poetry’s “Divine Darkness” Issue, November 2019.
Lone Tree on Abandoned Pier” — Photograph (and poem) published in Words for the Wild (April 2019).
A Coldest of Days” — Photograph (and poem) published in Three Drops from a Cauldron (Midwinter 2018).
Morning Light on Bleary Eyes” – Photograph (and poem) published in the Mojave Heart Review, October 2019.
Wind on Rain Slicked Skin” — Photograph published in Former Cactus (Issue #14), December 2018.
A Spectrum of Where” — Photograph published in Mojave Heart Review, August 2019.
Before the Crossroads” — Photograph (and haiku) published in Naviar Haiku, February 2019.