Film by Cassie Timpy, Jordan Timpy, Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Juhu Thukral.

Premiered at the Atticus Review in May 2020.

About the Film
UNSETTLED is an exploration of disquiet: How the weight of what’s happened, just happened, or is about to happen — in the room you are living in, as well as in the rest of the increasingly chaotic world — impacts the quieter moments in which nothing is happening at all. Where is refuge? What are we wishing for in the drone and tedium of an endless workday? What do we dream about when it seems as if we haven’t slept for days on end? There’s no prescriptive recommendation. Just acknowledgement that the waves will continue to crash, and the search for that elusive sense of stillness and calm — however distant or fleeting or right within our grasp it seems — will always be a part of each and every one of us. The music is by Chris Zabriskie, and the film is a collaboration by Cassie Timpy, Jordan Timpy, Jeffrey Yamaguchi, and Juhu Thukral.

BODY OF WATER – An exploration of water.
Film by Cassie Timpy, Jordan Timpy, Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Juhu Thukral

About the Film
This film came about because I was exploring water in essays, haikus, and photos – I focused on water because of the positive sense of solitude and calm I find when I am anywhere near it, a feeling that has been with me my whole life.

To further this exploration, I wanted to create a short film with no prescriptiveness, and no talking at all. Perhaps a better way of saying this is that I wanted to let the flow and sounds of water provide the voices. That distinction right there is the kind of impact water has on me — it’s why I’m drawn to it, soothed when I look upon it, at peace when I’m able to dive into it and immerse myself completely. I seek it out, for the calming wordlessness of the experience, silencing the voices, mostly the ones in my own head.

This film is a collaboration with and takes inspiration from talented filmmakers Jordan and Cassie Timpy, who travel the world and document the work of organizations with their cameras, and Juhu Thukral, who among a million other things in my life took up surfing a few years ago and has taken me along for the positively life-changing ride.