A missing book is about to write the story of her life — before she even gets one.

High school senior Anya doesn’t just want to write the great American novel. She wants to publish it, too. So she has faked her way into a summer internship at a major New York City publishing house thousands of miles from home in order to pursue her dream career at an accelerated pace. But her shaky clandestine plan — which includes camping out in the office and surviving on leftovers from the pantry refrigerator — is completely upended when she loses track of a coveted manuscript by one of the biggest authors in the world. Off she has to race into the late night streets of New York City to track down the manuscript — to save her internship and preserve her cover story, not to mention her best-laid career plan — before the sun rises and her boss is back in the office.

Category: YA Novella
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“Jeffrey Yamaguchi’s 52 Projects is a heartfelt guide to creating perfect moments and connecting with others. It’s a perfect antidote to our zone-out culture — a magical work that will remind you — 52 times — how great it is to be alive.”

— Dave Isay, Founder of StoryCorps

52 Projects is an exploration of your creativity — from the culinary to the literary to the artistic. A way of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and finding a flash of inspiration in our everyday lives.

The only materials required are already within you: memories, creative energy and imagination. Skill level and age are irrelevant, and the cost of making the projects ranges from very inexpensive to nothing at all. The projects can take an hour or a lifetime.

Whether you write, paint, draw, sculpt, carve, dance, sing, play music, take photographs, cook (or even if you don’t know what your medium is) — use 52 Projects as a tool to discover the art of your life and inspire your next creative endeavor.

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Category: Self-Help / Creativity
Publication Date: November 2020