BODY OF WATER – An exploration of water.
Film by Cassie Timpy, Jordan Timpy, Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Juhu Thukral

About the Film
This film came about because I was exploring water in essays, haikus, and photos – I focused on water because of the positive sense of solitude and calm I find when I am anywhere near it, a feeling that has been with me my whole life.

To further this exploration, I wanted to create a short film with no prescriptiveness, and no talking at all. Perhaps a better way of saying this is that I wanted to let the flow and sounds of water provide the voices. That distinction right there is the kind of impact water has on me — it’s why I’m drawn to it, soothed when I look upon it, at peace when I’m able to dive into it and immerse myself completely. I seek it out, for the calming wordlessness of the experience, silencing the voices, mostly the ones in my own head.

This film is a collaboration with and takes inspiration from talented filmmakers Jordan and Cassie Timpy, who travel the world and document the work of organizations with their cameras, and Juhu Thukral, who among a million other things in my life took up surfing a few years ago and has taken me along for the positively life-changing ride.