Installment No. 3 of The Falling Dream Has Dropped

Read the new installment now, and wander awake through a dream.

About the newsletter: The Falling Dream features the key ingredients for dreams: a striking poem, a flowing image, an artistic/cultural reference, and a fragment of a story-in-progress — all dream inspired. The goal is to explore the literal, literary, artistic, and figurative aspects of the ever-elusive dream — to get you thinking about the dreams you have, having more dreams, and the many ways in which dreams inspire us and flow through our lives, even if we don’t always remember them. Subscribe here.

Eat the Storms Podcast

Thrilled to be featured on Eat the Storms, a fantastic poetry podcast hosted and produced by poet Damien Donnelly. I read an interconnected poem that begins with finding and then walking through a secret door in New York City, which is a piece of a larger project (The Falling Dream). The other poets on the podcast are stellar, and this poetry podcast show overall provides a much-needed reprieve from the stress and news of the day. Poetry helps soothe, but it also helps us process — in a very unique and creative way — the urgencies of our times. Big thanks to Damien — a true force of poetry. Learn more and listen here.

This Dance of Sleepless Dreams

This poem is part of my reading in Damien Donnelly’s excellent Eat the Storms podcast (so many episodes, so many amazing poets reading their wonderful poems), and a guidepost for a larger project about falling dreams.

High above the city streets
shadows bend to spells
on darkened windows
a pair of tired eyes sparkle
one brown, the other lighter brown
blinking to remember
this dance of sleepless dreams

Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Dream dreamers newsletter: The Falling Dream.