Zine Archives: 25 Simple Things You Can Do To Get the Word Out About Your Project

This was an early days project, a zine about marketing and promoting your independent project. As I reflect upon it now, all these years later, I feel that it is both very earnest, but also, a reminder that so much of the foundation of how I approach publishing as a profession is bound up in what I learned from making zines. There is so much functional wonder and problem-solving in the DIY approach of every aspect of zine-making — from the writing to the design to the production to the distribution and promotion — it lets you truly feel the creative process in your core every step of the way. Seeing pages you made fly out of a photocopier, the utter satisfaction of pushing down a stapler and feeling the physical mechanics of bonding your work, sealing up the finished product in an envelope and dropping it off in the mail to a very specific person. There is a completeness to it, a cycle of creation that is pure and wonderful. Earnest? Yes. In the best of ways. It’s good to occasionally be reminded of and to embrace earnestness, especially from the early days.

Jeffrey Yamaguchi | @hiddenexhibit