Last Day to Get the 52 Projects Ebook For Free

Great to see so many people download 52 Projects! The ebook got into the top 100 in the Kindle (Free) ebook store. Today (Saturday, August 21, 2021) is the last day to get the ebook for free, so make sure to download now.

And if you’re one of the thousands of people who already got the ebook, and you like the inspirational read, please be sure to rate and review on Amazon and Goodreads, or wherever you post your reviews. Those reviews really help get the word out about the book. Thank you!

Lots of history with this project, but the creative message remains the same: The idea of 52 Projects isn’t necessarily for you to do exactly these projects. Following something to the letter is never that much fun. The main intention is for you to do projects. Hopefully these projects will give you a starting off point, or maybe the spark that ignites the idea, perhaps a reminder of the thing that you’ve been wanting to do.