The force is strong in this site!

Bestselling author Tom Angleberger has not only written the incredible Origami Yoda series, but he’s also built up an amazing community of SuperFolders — young readers who are fans of the books and love to share their origami creations.

Our overall goal with the site redesign was to make sure it lived up to the creative excellence of the books, and allowed the SuperFolder community to grow and thrive.

A few key highlights:

— A better showcase Tom’s work, as well the creations of the SuperFolders.

— An easy and uniform way for SuperFolders to join the site and submit photos of their creations.

— A seamless backend that makes it very easy for Tom to review and post photos of SuperFolder creations.

— A COPPA compliant SuperFolder community (you need to login to comment or submit, and you get to give yourself a unique SuperFolder name).

— A mobile-friendly design.

The site was developed and designed by Lorissa Shepstone and Gordon Clemmons of Being Wicked.