Tofu Scramble Is My Comfort Food

Tofu Scramble

This is how I make my tofu scramble.

I heat up diced red onion, red pepper, and jalapeno in olive oil. After a few minutes, I crumble a tofu block over the top, and stir. I add cumin, sea salt, cayenne, and pepper, and maybe some turmeric. I don’t always include turmeric because if I over do it on the shake from the spice jar, it takes over the whole dish. After a bit, I stir in a chipotle pepper, using the wooden spoon to break it apart. I then add cilantro, sloppily chopped, not too fine, and boom, the tofu scramble is done.

This is my comfort food.

I can eat it late at night, as part of a burrito — black beans, or refried beans, avocado, sliced red onion, a splash of hot sauce, tortillas.

Tofu Scramble
This picture is terrible. It was late. I had burnt the tortillas. I knew the lighting was no good, but I was fucking hungry and so this was a one-take situation. Naturally, I felt much better about everything after eating my tofu scramble burritos.

Or in the morning, Sunday brunch style, with fruit and a bagel.

Or I can just scoop it out of the pan, shoveling down a few bites before I head out the door for whatever.

I like that I can make this dish in about 10 minutes. It can be a last minute thing, as long as I have tofu in the house, which I usually do. It’s perpetually on the grocery list in my head.

It occurred to me recently that I need to mix things up. That’s a good thought to have, regarding any and all things.

I looked for recipes online but was dissatisfied with the options. I am also sick and tired of how Google returns the same damn cooking / recipe sites. Damn the algorithms and rigged SEO.

If you’ve got a tofu scramble recipe or an ingredient suggestion, please pass it along (in the notes or @jeffyamaguchi)! I am looking for new and different, but — as it should be with all comfort foods — not too new and different.

Here’s my tofu scramble recipe:

Diced red onion — half, or whatever you’ve got left
Diced red pepper — half, or what the hell, the whole thing, even if it’s a big one that you paid too much for.
Diced jalapeño — half, or more, for you guessed it, extra kick, Extra kick is usually a good thing, especially for a late night meal.
Cumin — a teaspoon or so, or preferably, to taste.
Cayenne — to taste
Sea Salt — to taste
Pepper — to taste
Turmeric — not too much. Again, not too much. Or, none at all. Unless you really like turmeric. Then, to taste.
A chipotle pepper, mashed into the mix.
Cilantro — a handful, cut up sloppily.