Three Resources: The Idea


I have this idea that’s not fully formed but I’m going to move forward anyway. A few years back (many years back?) I ran a website called 52 Projects, and the initial concept was very simple — just a very basic site that featured a list of creative projects. I turned this into a book, and to flesh it out, I had to add an intro, and a bunch of essays about project-making, and a resources section. None of those add-ons ever sat well with me — deep down, I really just wanted the book to be what the site was — a simple collection of projects. All those essays — I don’t know, I thought they made the whole project too self-aware and tore away at what made the original concept interesting in the first place. Except the Resources section. I loved putting that together, and thought it was completely in the spirit of the original 52 projects.

I’m a sucker for follow-up notes, show notes, dvd commentary, those little historical tidbits you can find on Wikipedia entries. I love the summary of tips and tricks, spirited along with an inspirational or engaging anecdote, or not. Sometimes just a straightaway link will do just fine.

Some examples that come to mind:

Robert Altman’s director’s commentary on the dvd of McCabe and Mrs. Miller. (By the way, how do you even get this commentary anymore, now that we’re just streaming movies from iTunes or Netflix or whatever?) This is from years ago, but I can still remember hearing Altman’s inspiring commentary on the (renegade) making of that film.

I’ve been listening to endless podcasts, ever since Serial. Naturally, one of the podcasts I listened to was The Podcast Method by Dan Benjamin, where he provides tips and techniques on how to create a podcast. The advice was coming fast and furious, so I was glad to be able to just go to the show notes for a recap on all the equipment and other types of info he was providing.

And then there’s the “Production” section of the Wikipedia entry on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” Did you know there was a battle over the song’s long intro? Michael said, “But that’s the jelly.” I’ll leave it at that. I know you’ll google it and check it out.

The short of it: INSPIRING.

That’s three examples. And therefore three resources.

More sets of three to come.