Three Resources: Pancakes from Scratch


First off, if you’ve got some kind of pre-mixed baking mix in your cupboard for pancakes, throw it out! Pancakes from scratch are easy, and it’s a whole world of deliciousness that you’re opening yourself up to once you start making your own versions of the many pancake recipe variations that have been written up in cookbooks and on food websites.


I make pancakes mostly on Sundays. It’s usually the most relaxing day of the week, and starting it off with pancakes fresh off the griddle helps me settle into that state of mind and get the day started just right. Here are three resources to help along that pancakes-from-scratch-Sunday-relaxation philosophy:

This one is kind of obvious, but I still think it’s worth sharing: For a long time, I made the same pancakes from the same cookbook. Just a habit, and not a bad one, but why always make the same recipe? One Sunday I decided to try something new, and started flipping through all the cookbooks on my shelf. I realized that every single cookbook, no matter what its focus was, had a pancake recipe. And they were always very different. Mostly the same ingredients, of course, but they always had a unique spin on the pancake. Now, I always make sure to try out new pancake recipes, and it’s as easy as randomly grabbing a cookbook off my own shelf. Don’t get me wrong, old standbys are great. But it’s also good to mix things up.


That recipe that I always made, before I started mixing things up — it called for regular milk. Well, through the new recipe research, I discovered buttermilk pancakes (via Bubby’s Brunch Cookbook by Ron Silver with Rosemary Black), which really blew my mind. Of course I had had buttermilk pancakes before, it just never occurred to me to make them myself at home. Unlike regular milk, you don’t necessarily have buttermilk in the fridge at the ready, so you need to add it to the grocery store list and make a point of bringing some home in preparation for your pancake-making effort. Buttermilk really changes things up and adds a salty sweet zing and fluff to the pancakes. Here’s a buttermilk pancakes recipe I found online that I have kitchen-tested and tasted myself, and can wholeheartedly recommend: Bon Appetit’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes.


Forgo the syrup, and slice up some fresh fruit instead. It’s an embarrassment of flavor-packed riches, especially in the summertime when the peaches are fresh, juicy, and plentiful. But any fruit(s) will do — apples, blueberries, oranges, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, nectarines. The juicier the fruit, the better on the pancake. And unlike syrup, you don’t have to feel guilty about over-pouring and drowning your food. Lay it on thick, add some more after that, and then dig in.

And extra note on this one: nothing’s stopping you from adding some of that cut-up fruit right into the batter, so that it cooks up nice and sweet right into the pancake itself.

That’s it! Three resources for pancakes from scratch.

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