Three Resources: How to Get Started with Podcasting

Over the past few months I’ve been playing around with podcasts. I’m still at the beginner stage, but I do have a decent mic (but not one that cost more than a $100), I know how to do the basics in GarageBand (for audio editing), and I know how to easily record a Skype call (using Ecamm Call Recorder). It’s not much, but it is a start!

I learned all these basics from reading how-to articles on the web, watching YouTube videos, and listening to some podcast-making focused podcasts.

Lots of useful information out there online, but here are THREE RESOURCES that are very helpful if you’re in the “I think I want to start a podcast” phase.

How I Podcast: Recording, a resource rich article by Jason Snell, who runs Six Colors and has been doing podcasts for years, probably before most people even knew what podcasts were.

The Podcast Method, a podcast all about how-to podcast by Dan Benjamin, based on his experiences since 2006 as a podcaster and the founder of 5by5. That’s right — 2006! 5by5 is truly a pioneer in terms of the “podcast network” concept. Expect some really great insights about podcasting from this show. Equipment is obviously one of the first things you need to figure out — here’s Benjamin’s “Equipment Guide.”

Justin Jackson’s Build and Launch podcast is all about building and launching products, often on an accelerated schedule — one a week. The earliest episodes focused on building and launching a podcast. Lots of great information is shared, and it’s got a kick-in-the-pants, inspirational vibe to the whole thing — definitely worth a listen. And checking out these podcast-focused episodes (which are short and fast-paced — between 10 and 15 minutes each) puts you right at the very start of the Build and Launch show, which I definitely recommend overall. Justin also recently posted this very helpful article: How to Make a Podcast (and Submit it to iTunes).

That’s it! Three resources to help you get started with your podcasting efforts.

Note: keep it simple in the beginning, and don’t overspend. Stick with the entry-level advice, and move on up from there when it actually makes sense.

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