Three Resources for Self-Publishing Your Book


Probably the most exciting thing about self-publishing is the freedom that comes with it. You can do anything you want, which means you can break with the normal conventions. And you should. Because in order to stand out, in addition to putting out a book filled with fantastic writing, you will need to be offering something up that is startingly fresh and new and different. With that in mind, I really don’t recommend reading too much “how-to self-publish” material. Focus more on the writing, and coming up with unique ways to bring your own brand of unique creativity to the process. At the same time, there are some functional basics and informative critiques about the business of self-publishing that you should know.

So here are THREE RESOURCES that provide just such information and insight:

Jane Friedman’s “Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book.” Jane’s site is full of resources, and this really is a good place to start as you begin to the self-publishing process. It’s going to answer a lot of the basic questions about formatting, ebook distribution, digital vs print, etc. A quick and to-the-point read.

2) — This is a great option for creating your actual ebook. It’s an intuitive, wordpress-based platform that makes it very easy to produce all the necessary ebook formats. There are free and paid options, and the paid options are all very reasonable. The Pressbooks blog also features helpful tips and engaging interviews with writers who have gone through the self-publishing experience.

David Gaughran’s blog is a go-to resource for in-depth analysis of matters of great importance to self-publishers, with a sharp eye towards author earnings. He doesn’t hold back when a company is clearly taking advantage of authors. I appreciate his analytical approach, and his advocacy. This is a great site to learn the business side of self-publishing, and to stay abreast of the very fluid situation with regard to payment structures, royalties, and the various contract options made available by companies that produce, sell, and distribute self-published works.

That’s it! Three resources to get you started on your self-publishing project.

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