Three Resources for Finding New Podcasts


I’ve been devouring podcasts as of late. So much so, that I run out of shows to listen to. I have to go searching, looking for new and interesting programming. Don’t get me wrong — this is a good thing. And there certainly isn’t a shortage of good shows! It’s the opposite — there’s so many options, it’s truly an embarrassment of aural riches.

It’s best when you find a Twitter conversation like this, where a bunch of random people have responded with show recommendations. That’s how I find out about Limetown — thanks Radiotonic!

But it is nice to have a few go-to resources to find out about new podcast shows, as well as get recommendations for specific podcast episodes to check out.

So here are THREE RESOURCES to get a regular podcast drill down:

The Audio Signal, a weekly digest, delivered via a TinyLetter, from audio archivist Dana Gerber-Margie.

The Timbre — A website that features reviews, interviews, essays, and more about all things podcasting. The weekly Postmortems — round-ups of the week’s best podcasts — are especially helpful.

The Audit, a weekly round-up of recommendations from The Auditors, delivered via a TinyLetter.

That’s it! Three resources for finding excellent new podcast programming.

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