The Best Strategy Session I Ever Had Involved No Talking About the Project At All


We had been working hard all week on our project. Planning. Storyboarding. Recording and editing podcasts. Shooting videos in the workshop. Posting up content on our blog and setting up a temporary landing page. None of it was supposed to be final or setting anything in stone, so there wasn’t too much pressure, and yet, it does take a lot of creative energy to begin laying groundwork and hitting the publish button. At the end of each day, we were truly beat. We crashed the pillows hard and slept the sleep of a day well spent.

Our time together was limited. Gordon is in Charlotte, and I’m in Brooklyn. It was important that we schedule out our efforts and make the most of the week.

But on Friday, the weather was going to be too damn nice. The forecast called for a bright, sunny, warm day that was essentially nature’s way of formally announcing the arrival of spring. There was just too much rain and cold and snow this winter. When Gordon suggested we go hiking for the day, it was clear there was only one appropriate response: Hell yes.

We would still get work done, of course. We would talk strategy. We would bring notepads and continue to map out details and solidify our overall plan.

So we got up early, pounded out an hour or two of work, and then hit the road for the South Mountains. About an hour and a half later, we were standing at the bottom of a waterfall, ice on the branches but the brisk uphill walking and the sun streaming through the trees heating us up and truly brightening our day.


We each ate a banana and a banana never tasted so good.

Then, it was on to our destination — the top, to see out and far and beyond.


We didn’t talk about the project at all. Just conversation about books and old stories from back in the day and the bird that just flew by and can we fit in that hallowed out tree and movies and where we grew up and the food we were going to eat later.

There were also long stretches where we didn’t talk at all. The air was so fresh. I couldn’t get over it.


When we got to the top, we perched ourselves up on a rock and did the only thing you can do in situations like that: took in the wonder of it all.


It was the best strategy session I ever had.