Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

On-Demand Course

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing will teach you the essential components of marketing online and how to utilize paid, owned and earned channels. You’ll learn how to make your website effective and how to develop a strong content strategy through your blog. This course teaches the broad strokes of the power of online marketing and how to tie it into your business’s overall strategic goals.


  • Tie your online marketing strategy to your business goals.
  • Establish your online marketing objectives and KPIs.
  • Identify your paid, owned, and earned channels.
  • Identify the elements of an effective website and create strong landing pages that drive conversions.
  • Develop a content strategy, blog and editorial calendar.

Week 1: Your Website as the Central Hub of Your Marketing

  • Lesson 1: With business goals in mind, an overview of the essential elements of your
  • Lesson 2: Your website as the hub of your marketing campaigns and your larger brand.
  • Lesson 3: Simple methods to improve and optimize your website to serve your
    immediate business goals.

Assignment: Define and describe your current hub. Which platform is it build on? When was the last time it was redesigned? What are the key features? Describe the focus of your website, and what message it conveys to visitors when they visit your site. If you do not have a current site, define the focus of a planned hub website, and describe what visitors of the site should see when they come to the site.

Week 2: Paid, Earned, and Owned Channels

  • Lesson 1: Defining the “paid” channel, and different strategies to engage and build upon
  • Lesson 2: Defining the “earned” channel, and different strategies to engage and build
    upon it.
  • Lesson 3: Defining the “owned” channel, and tying all three channels together to create
    an effective and results-producing overall digital platform.

Assignment: Write up one specific example of each channel — paid, owned, and earned — in relation to your website and its current marketing strategies. In your examples, include insights into each channel’s effectiveness.

Week 3: Metrics and KPIs

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the many types of metrics and the tools available to monitor them.
  • Lesson 2: Strategies to set KPIs, and to share and build upon them over time.
  • Lesson 3: KPIs in action and specific examples of campaign and platform elements that
    can be monitored and pushed further through goal-setting.

Assignment: In one page, outline and briefly describe your KPIs for a current or hypothetical marketing campaign.

Week 4: Strategies to drive traffic to your site, landing pages, and social

  • Lesson 1: The power of newsletters, and strategies to build and grow newsletter lists.
  • Lesson 2: The importance of the newsfeed and making sure your messages are in line with your targeted audience.
  • Lesson 3: Native advertising primer.

Assignment: Create a simple campaign that drives traffic to your site/landing page, define the call to action, and describe exactly how you plan to get the site visitor to engage with your desired response.

Week 5: Developing an Efficient, Cost-Effective Content Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Create and leverage digital assets – video, photo, audio, text.
  • Lesson 2: Highlight and share activity within the company.
  • Lesson 3: The power, and responsibility, of user generated content.

Assignment: Describe a workflow plan for your site over the course of a standard week — explain what content needs to be created, where will it be published and leveraged, and who will be handling the work.

Week 6: Keeping your site and campaigns innovative along with ongoing

  • Lesson 1: Ideas to change up your site for more solid brand-messaging.
  • Lesson 2: Campaign ideas to increase traffic and grow subscriber and social media
  • Lesson 3: Measures to put the foundations of digital marketing into immediate practice.

Assignment: Describe in one page the immediate steps you are going to take in the next week to implement and execute specific foundations of digital marketing. Include your KPIs.

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