Draw of Waves

DRAW OF WAVES is a continuation of the Body of Water project, and a collaboration with Maggie Umber, who created the artwork. I became aware of Maggie’s work through the sharing of her amazing art on social media, and her imaginative graphic novels, most especially the recently published Sound of Snow Falling. She’s an extremely talented artist and I’m honored to be getting the opportunity to experiment and further the exploration of water with this collaboration.

Part 1 of 5

You sense them in the air before you hear anything.

You hear the rumble before you see a single crash.

And when your eyes do set upon the water, all the smells and sounds take over and are compounded in the sight of the endless blue before you.

Your body is already connected to the distant roll of the waters, the inward flow of the curls, the stopping of time that happens in the space between reaching the apex and the inevitable crash.

If you haven’t seen the sea for a while, it’s as if you were there just moments ago. And if you were just there, it’s as if it was so long ago and at last you are here again.

Maybe you close your eyes and take a deep breath, the rolling of the sea and the rise and fall of your chest coming together as one.

Perhaps you race towards the waves and then turn away at the last moment to outrun the sea’s final reach, until it overtakes you. With purpose. On purpose.

Or you just start slowly walking towards the water, reaching out to take a hand, whether anyone is there with you or not.

Eventually, you get to where the endless waves meet their fiery, momentary ends.

The water is there. You are there. Another wave forms in the faraway distance.