Podcasts I’m Listening To, April 2016: Sad Men, Our Unwritten Books, Home of the Brave, Barnum Effect, Nocturne, Audio Dime Museum

Continuing to roll the dial and seek out new shows. So many good podcasts being produced and published. Here are my recommendations for the month of April.

Sad Men — Jason Boog produces this excellent show that looks back at depression era writers and tells their stories. His inspiration for the show comes from his own understanding of the struggles writers face when the tough times hit. Boog does a great job of capturing that earlier era and the work of these writers, and the show’s overarching theme of the struggle to both create great work and make a living is as poignant today as it was back during the tough times of the Great Depression.

Sad Men Podcast | iTunes

Our Unwritten Books — This show explores why that book doesn’t get written. It’s a project produced by Katie Shepherd and Bridget Hickey that came out of the conversations they were having with each other, at first, and then as they talked about it more, with others. Great to listen along as they go deep and explore this issue.

Our Unwritten Books | iTunes

(I had the opportunity to interview Katie Shepherd about Our Unwritten Books for the Writing Drafts podcast).

Home of the Brave — Scott Carrier is a well-known radio producer, and most people know him from his work on This American Life. Now he’s got his own show, where he pretty much does what he wants. And I’m so glad he’s got that freedom, because he’s going to some amazing faraway places and telling some incredible stories — not the tales of the famous, just the people he meets in the places that he visits while he’s looking for stories to hear, ask about, and share. One that really struck me and gave me pause was one of the earlier episodes: “A Walk on the Beach.”

HomeBrave.com | iTunes

Barnum Effect — Can’t recall how I stumbled upon this show, but I’m really glad I did. It’s a skit show — clever and full of energy and laughs. I never quite know what to expect, and that’s why I like it so much. Excellent production, and a crew that knows how to work together. Most importantly, it sounds like their having a great time, which makes the laughter I get out of it as a listener even better.

BarumEffect.com | iTunes

Nocturne — Surely I’ve mentioned this show before! It’s a longtime favorite, one of my earlier podcast discoveries. It’s all about the night, and the show’s creator, Vanessa Lowe, continues to find new and engaging ways to duck into the shadows and shine a light on the hidden, unseen places of the deep, dark hours after everyone else has gone to sleep . Amazing sounds, stories and insights. Fine to listen to during the day, because the show is good enough to set the right tone, even if it’s bright and sunny day.

Nocturne Podcast | iTunes

(I had the opportunity to interview Vanessa Lowe about Nocturne for the Writing Drafts podcast).

Audio Dime Museum — Such an intriguing show! I don’t want to say anything about it — let The Curator be your guide. Download an episode, hit play, and go along for the storytelling tour based on a particular curious object. Hat tip to Between Two Earbuds | @TwoEarbuds for letting me know about this great new show.

Audio Dime Museum | iTunes

Let me know about any and all shows I should be checking out @jeffyamaguchi.