New Podcasts I’m Listening To, March 2016: The Lonely Hour, Inside Pop, Breakdown, Hello from the Magic Tavern

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts. Really glad that we’ve got some great newsletters out there that provide tips for shows and good episodes to check out.

The newsletters I get: Podcast Broadcast; Hot Pod; Adolescence Is a Marketing Tool; The Audio Signal; The Timbre newsletter; Sheets to the Wind; and The Audit. (Others? I am sure there are. Please let me know.)
So here are four new podcasts I’m listening to, enjoying, and recommend checking out:

Julia Bainbridge’s The Lonely Hour. It’s an exploration of being alone, and loneliness. The show explores the issue in a really smart way through interviews and a particular angle, like dining alone, motherhood, or social media. My favorite episode so far: solo travel.

Inside Pop from Sean David Johnson and Amita Patel, two New York-based television producers. They talk Oscars, Adele, The X-Files, and everything in between on their weekly podcast. Great insights and commentary on all the pop culture happenings we either see, hear, or read about on the socials. Full disclosure: I am good friends with Sean. I know what his favorite movie is, even though he denies it. Also, he’s never read Ready Player One, because he ignores my repeated, enthusiastic recommendation/bullying. Despite all this, we are still very close. Might have something to do with occasionally being his +1 for hot ticket movie premieres.

Breakdown. Saw this one featured on the iTunes podcast page in the scrolling showcase spot. This is a true crime podcast from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Man, does “true crime” work in the podcast format! I like that this show is hosted by a journalist that’s been covering crime and court cases for a long time. Incredible insights with that perspective in mind — An insider looking deep on a fascinating, disturbing case.

Hello from the Magic Tavern. Hilarious, offbeat premise, and hilarious host and guests. This is a popular show that’s getting more popular — there’s even lots of fan art on the various social media sites. But when I mention it to people, they’ve never heard of it, so there’s still some discovery to be had (or I need more in-the-know podcast connects?). I’m not going to describe the show, and I recommend that if you don’t know much about it, keep it that way, download the first episode, and hit play. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and bizarro improv, combined, will especially enjoy it.