My Prospect Park Smorgasburg Plan

Prospect Park

I have really been thinking about this a lot. Someone in the household might say that I never do any proper planning, especially when it comes to weekend outings, and the truth is, she may be right, but not in this particular case. No sir. I have this one covered from all angles, in advance, sign, sealed, and delivered.

Now that the Smorgasburg is in Prospect Park, I can incorporate it into my Sunday run, which makes my favorite run of the week even better.

Donut in the park
Important Sunday appointment: eating too many donuts while kicking back in the park.
The Sunday Smorgasburg at Breeze Hill in Prospect Park starts at 11 am. Breeze Hill is easy enough to get to from my place. Takes just about 1o minutes at a good running clip, so I will head out just before 11. Once there, I’ll grab a donut and an iced coffee and just kick it on the grass and get into a waning-days-of-summer-frame-of-mind.

But not for too long, because now, it gets real, in terms of the running. I will do my usual Sunday route — never the same, too long, too far, all good. But instead of heading into the hood to run errands after finishing up, I will end the run at Breeze Hill, and engage the delectably difficult process of figuring out what I am going to feast on for my post-run lunch.

Likely, as I peruse the food stands, I will partake in some Lumpia from the always excellent Lumpia Shack.

I recommend the lumpia from Lumpia Shack as your (first) starter.

Once I get (all) my food, I shall kick it on the grass, eat my food, and get back to that waning-days-of-summer-frame-of-mind.

Now that is a plan!

I can’t wait. Running is great. Running in Prospect Park — even better. Finishing up a long run on a Summer Sunday in Prospect Park with food options galore — food dream come true.

UPDATE: Success!