#05: An Interview with Jason Boog

Exploring the lives and works of Great Depression era writers.

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Jason Boog is the host and producer of Sad Men, a podcast that showcases writers from the Great Depression era. These are short burst episodes packed with biographical details, audio excerpts of the works, and insights on how their lives and the words they wrote were impacted by this important period in American history. Many of these writers haven been forgotten, their works out-of-print, their uniquely insightful stories of challenge lost to time, even though this wasn’t that long ago, and the context of the era swings back into relevance as we cycle through booms and the inevitable busts.

Jason’s interest in these Depression era writers was born out of his own dark professional period after he got laid off during the last big recession several years ago. He was looking for ideas and inspiration, and wanted to explore a time when working writers faced dire straits. How did they find their way during a period of financial difficulty and curtailed opportunity? In the Great Depression, he found, and continues to find, fascinating lives and writings to explore and share.

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