#02: Authenticity, Customization, Ecosystems

The digital publishing Q&A experiment continues with episode #2.

Questions answered in this episode, which is almost 10 minutes shorter than the first one, are the following:

1. “What is the perception of “authenticity” in social media? Why is this the goal? To hide the curation or craft involved, or to naturalize it?”

2. “How can I learn how to further customize the WordPress theme on my website — how can I organize it differently? I can’t see how to organize my site to look like the other theme variations shown on WordPress.”

3. “How do you find out and keep track of all the different digital publishing ecosystems (blogs, apps, Twitter, etc)?”

Show notes:
Wordpress theme I mention in the episode — the Thesis theme.

Blogs / Websites I read to help me keep up with digital trends in book publishing:
Hubspot’s Marketing Blog
Bookbub’s Blog
Gumroad’s Blog
Publishing Perspectives
Digital Book World
Jane Friedman’s blog
David Gaughran’s blog
We Grow Media
Publishers Weekly
Fast Company
Silicon Alley Insider
The Bookseller

Agree with my responses? Disagree? Something to add? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or @jeffyamaguchi.

More details on what this is all about:
I teach book publishing classes at NYU (and other places as well). Early during each semester, I pass out notecards and ask my students to write down a question or issue they’d like me to address during the course of the class. This helps me get to know my students better — some specifics on what they’re truly interested in as it relates to publishing. It also gives me ideas to weave into the curriculum. I respond to the questions in class, but I was looking for a way to better to document and collect this information. So I thought I’d experiment and try it out as a podcast, something I could share with my students, and beyond.

Listen to the episode at SoundCloud.