#01: The Digital Publishing Experiment Begins

A podcast experiment in which I answer digital publishing related questions.

I teach book publishing classes at NYU (and other places as well). Early during each semester, I pass out notecards and ask my students to write down a question or issue they’d like me to address during the course of the class. This helps me get to know my students better — some specifics on what they’re truly interested in as it relates to publishing. It also gives me ideas to weave into the curriculum. I respond to the questions in class, but I was looking for a way to better to document and collect this information. So I thought I’d experiment and try it out as a podcast, something I could share with my students, and beyond.

In this first installment (experiment #1) I answer the following questions:

“How is blogging and being a commanding force on social media (Twitter, Youtube, etc.) beneficial for editors? And is there a way to have these things help me get a job in the industry?”

“Can I use LinkedIn as a hub? Isn’t it basically a resume that people can access online?”

“Do you think that the ability to self-publish poses a legitimate threat to publishing houses, to their profitability?”

“Do enhanced ebooks have a future?”

Agree with my responses? Disagree? Something to add? Share your thoughts with me at @jeffyamaguchi.

Listen to the episode at SoundCloud.