A Hidden Park in Brooklyn


Late one evening I was looking at the map to make sure I knew exactly where Sunset Park was — not the neighborhood, but the actual park that resides in it. And when looking at the map for green spaces, you can’t help but notice all the other green spaces. On a Brooklyn map, you will be drawn to Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery by the sheer nature of their expansiveness. But I know those places well. So what really caught my eye was a small area of green right on the water, tucked within an industrial part of the city.

A quick bit of research revealed that yes, there is indeed an area of green there — a small park that is open to the public. It’s on the water — the Upper New York Bay — and it has stunning views of the Manhattan Skyline, as well as the outer edges of Sunset Park.

Of course I went there the very next day.

The park is called Bush Terminal Piers Park. It truly is tucked away — you don’t see it from the main road (1st Ave). You have to turn into a side street (43rd Street) — one that feels a bit like you are entering private property. But if you simply follow the road, you will be soon be welcomed by an obvious park entrance gate and stunning views of the harbor.

I’m going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story, except to say this: I had one of the most relaxing mornings in ages wandering around this park. I sat on the rocks and looked out on the water, and the city. I took photos, and wrote in my journal. I went to the end of the jetty and just stood there for a long while. I spoke to no one.

I plan to go back, and soon.